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Tips for Latino Students and Parents on How to Get Involved in Entertainment Internships

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According to PRSA, “ethnic groups make up 30 percent of the U.S. population yet only 10 percent of minorities work in public relations”. That is an extremely low number! There should be more minority representation in certain fields such as public relations but many times it all has to do with the exposure Latinos encounter. For example, I am a first generation public relations student with family members who only see value in the medical field jobs. Entertainment is an extremely competitive field that requires experience at media companies that many times may not be in full reach to low income Latino students. I never grew up knowing anyone who worked in entertainment, everything I did was trial and error. Since most entertainment internships are unpaid, only those who can afford to pay for an internship and experience can get those internships. Latinos have to go an extra mile to catch up to fellow students who want to pursue a career in entertainment. Below are some tips for Latino students and their parents on how to get involved in entertainment internships!

  1. Tell Parents About Different Job Fields: The most important thing Latino students should be doing is educating their parents on the different job fields they can be in. If you want to work in PR or marketing you should educate your parents on the field and why it is a lucrative job field!
  2. Network: The field of entertainment is all about who you know! I never knew anyone who worked in entertainment until I got into college and began interning. Make sure to get to know people who may help you get connected to your favorite media company. For example, when I worked at a gym I met a member that was friends with an executive at Rolling Stone Magazine. They connected me with the executive and hoping to someday use that connection for a job.
  3. Join Latinos In Media Networking Organizations: Joining networking organizations that are for Latinos and from Latinos is a great way to meet Latinos in high positions in media companies and entertainment all together. These Latino executives can get to know you and someday give back to you by helping you get a job at their company or internship. There is nothing better than seeing powerful Latinos help aspiring professionals in their quests. I hope to someday get to a position where I can inspire and help young and passionate Latinos get into the entertainment field. Representation matters!

For Latino Parents:

Understand Your Children’s Dreams: My mother always wanted me to be a nurse or dentist because those were the field’s most immigrant parents felt would make their children successful. When I told my parents I wanted to work in PR, she didn’t understand what it was and why I didn’t want to follow her dreams. Parents, give your children’s dreams a chance, they will work even harder to prove to you they are meant to work in entertainment and communication! Jus know that your children are pursuing a job in a very competitive job market that is many times even harder for them because of the opportunities they may have lacked.