Jessica Guerriera, WPUNJ ’17

Jessica Guerriera is a senior at William Paterson University majoring in Media Production and a minor in Public Relations. Guerriera currently interns at Live with Kelly in New York City and has incredible tips for future interns and provides insight on her day to day tasks at Live with Kelly!

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Courtesy of Jessica Guerriera

Where are you currently interning and how long have you been there?

I am interning at Live! with Kelly and Ryan. I started January 3, 2017, when it was still Live! with Kelly, and will be finished on May 24, 2017.

What is your major and minor? Do they have anything to do with what you’re doing at your internship?

My major is communications with a concentration in Media Production and I have minor in Public Relations. They absolutely have everything to do with my internship considering I am a production assistant at Live. My classes and my work with WPTV have all helped tremendously with this internship!

What is a day in the life of an intern? Do your tasks vary or stay the same on a day to day basis?

For the most part my task stay the same from day to day. Here is a detail description of what I do on a daily basis (this is from my internship paper). All interns at Live must work 2 days a week.

When I am a studio intern I arrive at 7am where I bring newspapers up from the lobby, open up the office closet, refill all printers in the copy room with paper, put 3 waters in each dressing room for the guest, stock the guest co-host’s mini-fridge with water, check to make sure catering has arrived by 7:15am, and most importantly continuously check the intern gmail account and print out news items sent from the host chat producer for the day, which changes from day to day. Once all emails have been looked at either the 7am intern or the 8am intern should grab the talent logs for that days guest and give them to the audience coordinator, Monique. As well sometimes producers will ask for special favors so a few times I have gone to greet guests from the garage and bring them to to their assigned dressing room, or I have steamed guest clothing. I’ve met a lot of the guest co-host like Jerry O’Connell and Christian Slater. The studio intern should also check the studio to make sure there are cue cards & markers on the set. Around 8:30am as the studio intern I head down to the studio where I bring down the water/cage keys, the producers laptop, a set of audience tickets, and the headset for the production assistant, Jim. From 8:30am to 9am it is the studio interns responsibility for assisting the audience coordinators bring in the audience as well as to give all audience members who is over 18 years old and a non employee for Disney/WABC an audience ticket. During the show I stand off to the side with the production assistant and if a producer needs anything I am responsible for running to go get it. After the show everything is immediately brought back upstairs. Once everything is brought back I head back downstairs to the dressing rooms and sweep and tidy them up re-stock water if necessary for post tape, clean up food and bring leftovers to the office, as well as stop by and pick up CDs from the 2nd floor Audio both to give to Lori (another producer). The remainder of the day is then spent in the office answering phones, getting mail, checking emails, and helping producers in anyway needed.

As an office intern I arrive at 8am instead of 7am. For office days I stay in the office all day long and my day to day usually consist of typical office task. I immediately log in to the computer and check the intern gmail account. As well as usually pull talent logs if the studio intern hasn’t done so already. Afterward I hang out in the office ready to help any producers with anything last minute or to steam clothing, and greet guest. The remainder of the day is spent answering the phones, burning that day’s show onto a DVD, printing & cutting out 2 sets of audience tickets, as well as checking the INBOX for comments, to create a comment sheet, and get it approved by Jason by 3pm. Once the comments are approved I deliver them to Michael Gelman (Executive Producer), Bill Cabral (talent Booker), Art Moore, and Linda Henderson. As an office intern I also continuously pick up mail from 4th floor mail room, as well as drop off mail. I am also responsible for cleaning newspaper/food area in copy room/organize paper, restock cue cards when their is a delivery, sign for packages and distribute them to the producers. And, most importantly be as helpful to the producers as possible. As an intern it is my direct job to help all producer with whatever they need help with. Many times that means helping research guest and making fact sheets to send to producers, as well as going through guest’s social media accounts and finding pictures for producers to use. As well as researching and helping out with other odd segments producers are producing for the week, like cleaning and organizing hacks to games the host can play with the guest. As well as being available and comfortable to go on runs for producers outside of the office to get all different types of things like clothes and food for different segments. I find everything I do to be extremely meaningful and I am so grateful for the experience!

How exactly did you pursue this internship? What was the process like from applying to then getting the internship?

I pursed this internship by simply applying to the WABC-TV Spring Internship found on their website. I have been a long time fan of the show and I remember watching Live with Regis and Kelly and saying one day I want to work here. The show inspired me to get into TV in the first place. A friend had applied to this internship the semester before and when they told me about the internship being available for the next semester I knew I had to apply! The process for this internship was interesting. First, I submitted my application, resume, and a personal statement to the internship coordinator. I then waited for an email saying whether or not I was invited to interview for the position. Once I got the email confirmation I then moved ahead with the interview. The interview was actually an interview night for all WABC internships in all the departments. I like to describe it as a speed dating kind of thing. Basically producers and heads of departments sit around the cafeteria at WABC and interns take a number and wait to be interviewed for whatever position they were called back for. I was called back for a Live interview and a Operations, Promotions, and Special Programming interview. I had my Live interview first. I was one of the first interns to walk in and I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Executive Producer Michael Gelman, which was super nerve racking, but also so exciting at the same time. The interview lasted about 5-10 minutes and once we were done I went on to my second interview. After the interview night I got a call from the internship coordinator about 2 weeks later saying I was selected to be an intern for Live with Kelly. Needless to say I was super excited and accepted right away.

What are your end goals when it comes to your career? Do you believe your internship has helped you get closer to those goals?

My end goals for my career is to become a TV producer, whether it is for a Live daytime talk show or a scripted drama I want to be some sort of producer and preferably an executive producer one day. I believe this internship will definitely get me closer to my goals. I think everything I am learning is really beneficial, as well as the connections I am making. I think just having the name Live with Kelly on my resume will really open doors for me moving forward.  

If you could have any job you wanted after you graduate, what would it be and why?

If I could have any job I wanted after graduation? Wow, that is a hard question I’ll go with something a little realistic. My dream job would be becoming a production assistant for either Live with Kelly and Ryan, or it would be being a production assistant for a scripted TV show filming in NYC. Either something for Netflix or one of the major networks (ABC, NBC, CBS…etc.) I would love to stay at Live with Kelly and Ryan since I am loving my internship and just really enjoy the environment. But, I would also love to work for a scripted show just because I really love scripted shows and it has been my dream for so long.

What advice would you give to a student that wants to pursue a career in entertainment or more specifically production? Is there a specific path they should take?
My advice I would give to students is to stand out, but remain true to yourself. I would say be ready for anything and be super flexible. Entertainment is a fast pace world so you need to be able to adapt and think on your feet. You need to be as helpful as possible and remember its okay to ask questions, but also use common sense! You have to have thick skin and not take things personally either. In entertainment you will work with some real difficult people whether it is your higher ups or actual celebrities you have to treat everyone with a high level of respect, and most importantly need to be able to take whatever someone throws at you and keep moving forward. Another piece of advice is to not get distracted by the celebrity and remember you have a job to do! I think if someone remembers all of this they will be able to succeed. I don’t think there is any specific path to take I think it all depends on the person. I do think though that if something inspires you, whether it be a TV show, film, radio, or PR look and see if they are hiring interns and just do it. Do whatever you can and work your way up and show someone you have what it takes and make connections. This business is all about who you know and connections are the only way to succeed. I wish everyone the best of luck moving forward with whatever they plan to do in life! 


How To's

6 Ways to Accomplish Turning an Internship Into a Job Before Graduation

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Turning an internship into a job is a hard feat but not impossible. Below are 6 ways you can turn an internship into a job!

  1. Connect, connect with your supervisors and other departments
  2. Be social with the Human Resources department
  3. Keep up to date with job postings at your internship
  4. Always be on top of your intern work because you never know when they’re evaluating you
  5. Make yourself the go to person for your department so they will want to never lose you after your internship ends
  6. Start and end your internship in a positive and happy way!

It is important that as an intern you build friendships that will last a life time and making sure to keep in constant contact with your intern supervisors will surely end up taking you to your dream job!


Bonnie, SiriusXM Internship Recruiter

Bonnie is an internship recruiter at SiriusXM, she is in charge of the internship program at SiriusXM, she has asked for her last name to not be featured in this article. Bonnie gives prospective interns a look into the program she oversees and what exactly they look for in an intern!

How many applications do you receive a semester for the internship program? How competitive is the internship program at SiriusXM?

An estimated 4000-5000 applications are received in a recruiting session.  

What sets the SiriusXM internship program apart from other entertainment related internship programs?

SiriusXM mentors offer hands on learning experience, allowing the intern to leave with skills they can apply and add on to their resume.  Interns are also made feel they are part of the team, and are provided snack and learn session to hear from other company members, a one-on-one evaluation meeting and career tips.  

What is the typical process that a candidate goes through before getting an internship offer at SiriusXM? How involved are the departments you are recruiting for?

Interns are screened and interviewed like employees.  We take the selection process seriously.  Departments such as programming (talk, music and sports, Public Relations, Talent Relations, Information Technology, Engineering, Finance & Accounting, Sales & Marketing are recruited for.  

How does the SiriusXM internship program help seniors in college prepare for the working world? Is there anything in particular the program does to help seniors get jobs within SiriusXM?

SiriusXM’s internship program prepares our interns by the following:

  1. Providing hands on training and meaningful work and projects to each intern
  2. One-on-One counseling/ evaluation
  3. Career workshops to help our interns transition to full time or part time employees, and also placement if the opportunity is available.  

What advice do you have to a future applicant who may be scared to apply to SiriusXM because of the fact SiriusXM is a very well-known media company?

An internship is a great way to start your career and explore your options.  Nothing to be afraid of when there is so much you could gain!  

In your opinion, what sets apart candidates that end up getting an internship position at SiriusXM? Is it related to their school work, internship experience?

Previous and related experience is helpful of course.  For example, a previous internship, involvement in their school clubs or radio station.  

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Trevor Davis, WPUNJ ’17

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Courtesy of The Orchard

Trevor Davis is a senior at William Paterson University majoring in Popular Music and minoring in Music Management and Legal Studies. He is a current Performance Rights/Copyright Services intern at The Orchard, an independent distribution company owned by Sony Music Entertainment. Davis gives readers advice on how to stay involved, his current internship and future plans in the entertainment industry.

Where are you currently interning and how long have you been there?

I am currently interning at The Orchard, one of two music distribution companies under Sony Music. I began my current internship for the company in mid January working in the Performance Rights/Copyright Services Department, however I was previously an intern last summer for the same company in the Video Services Department.

What is your major and minor? Do they have anything to do with what you’re doing at your internship?

My major is Popular Music and my minors are Legal Studies and Music Management. They correspond well with my internship because the course structure is based around the music industry, how it works, and how to navigate it whatever your approach, be it Songwriting or Entertainment Law. I steered towards the business aspect of the industry and am interested in things like revenue flow, royalty management, and copyright which led me to The Orchard.

What is a day in the life of an intern at The Orchard? Do your tasks vary or stay the same on a day to day basis?

There are about 4-5 tasks that I have been assigned, but most of them are ongoing projects involving global collection societies and the royalties they pay to our artists. My assignments are generally to find revenue discrepancies, update our database, or analyze data about our artists music and where it is being streamed, bought, stolen, or otherwise heard. These issues are being tackled by the entire team, which means that I work on different aspects of the process. I will generally work on a project for 1-3 days before beginning a project with another country’s collection society. The Orchard has a welcoming but professional atmosphere where employees are friends and are constantly collaborating. It is business casual and high energy environment where creativity is key and where people care about the music. Many are players and actors and writers and brilliant minds that share a common passion for the industry and the music that it revolves around, which shows in the faces of everyone there and in the success the company has worked so hard for.   

How exactly did you pursue this internship? What was the process like from applying to then getting the internship?

My cousin is a software developer and website function designer for The Orchard so I reached out to him last spring about the possibility of interning. He said he would put in a good word if I applied online so I did, got a phone interview with the head of Video Services , then an in person interview, and they brought me on for the summer. I kept in contact with them the following semester and decided I wanted to do another, but in a different branch of the company. I decided on Copyright Services and the process was identical.
What are your end goals when it comes to your career? Do you believe your internship has helped you get closer to those goals?

I have no specific end goal as of this moment. I know I want to work in the industry and help to lift artists to greater heights. I have been working in the technical side and I enjoy it, but I am thinking about a switch to a Talent Agency program and pursuing that. I was always very intent on learning the specifics of cutting a deal, whether it is with an artist getting signed, an actor getting placed, or any other type of deal. Another part of me wants my own business in the future. I am not entirely set or specific on a career path yet, and although it is daunting to be facing real life, I am confident I will find where I need to go. This internship has shown me a perspective that I never had and gave me the opportunity to work with great people on interesting and meaningful projects. It gave me confidence and experience in the industry and although I would like to work there post graduation, I know they helped give me skills I can take anywhere.

If you could have any job you wanted after you graduate, what would it be and why?

I would love to work at The Orchard with any of the artist services teams, they all seem fun, smart, and like they enjoy the company. I like working with the cogs in the wheel that make the industry go, and being there would be a very beneficial and interesting way to begin my career.

What advice would you give to a student that wants to pursue a career in entertainment copyright law? Is there a specific path they should take?

Do internships. Go out and do things in the industry because when you do, you find the things you like, and you also find the things you don’t, which is just as important. Finding out that what you thought was cool is actually uninteresting, is a huge favor, and getting a taste of things you like makes you curious and inspired, gives you experience, and provides a new network to connect with. And always stay passionate, if you lose that, you lose everything.


My Journey as an Entertainment Intern: Part 1

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This blog is a hub for entertainment lovers to check out for tips and tricks on how to navigate the crazy working world in entertainment. Many people believe the industry is glamorous and bumping shoulders with A-list celebrities and entertainers. Having interned in the entertainment industry exclusively for over a year now, I can say with certainty it’s not what it seems, at all.

My first foray in the entertainment industry was a Corporate Communications internship at Viacom for BET Networks in the Spring semester of 2016. The process of getting the internship was both long and complicated but in the end rewarding. I applied to the internship program at Viacom through their career site in November of 2015. At the time I was a Public Relations and Marketing Intern at an infomercial company, Tristar Products. I knew I wanted to finally fully pursue my career in entertainment and decided to apply to Viacom, like I had done many times. For the first time, I actually got noticed by the company behind MTV and Nickelodeon. When I got the email from a College Relations recruiter a Viacom I was shocked because I never knew I would actually get a chance to join the Viacom team.

My first interview for the internship program with the recruiter was straight forward. Like most internship recruiters, that recruiter went point by point through my resume and questioned me on my current and former experience as an intern, my skills and extracurricular activities. Before the interview ended, she told me there was an opening at BET Networks in their Corporate Communications department and she gave me the task of emailing my soon to be supervisors about an interview for the internship. I was extremely nervous to contact them because I had never spoken to anyone who directly worked in the industry. My recruiter gave me all the information I needed to know about the role, the specific department and what was expected of me for an interview. I had to contact the team to schedule an interview. I emailed them and did not hear back for almost a month. At one point, I believed my chances has disappeared but finally by December I was getting ready for a phone interview with my future supervisors. I prepared as much as I could for the interview but I just did not know what to expect since I had never interviewed at an entertainment company before. I made usre to do my homework on the BET Network shows, stories about their executives and the history of the company.

The two supervisors I interviewed with were personable on the phone and asked a lot of interesting questions about my experience and why I wanted to work in entertainment. They asked a lot about my school activities and my prior internship experience and how it tied to their company. This is why being involved on campus is so crucial! My interview was about 6 minutes and I was disappointed because I believed I hadn’t given them everything I had. At one point I believed I had completely lost the internship. But a few days later I got an official email with an offer from the team asking me to be their Corporate Communications Intern! I felt as though all of my hard work had paid off and I was finally being given a chance to be a part of the industry I had always wanted to be in.

The best time of my college career was being an intern at BET Networks. I met the most incredible friends and got to know an incredible team at BET that I still am in constant communication with. I never knew this opportunity would have opened so many doors as it did. This series, My Journey as an Entertainment Intern will feature 4 parts, which will highlight my extensive time as a Corporate Communications Intern at BET Networks and my time as a current Public Relations Intern at SiriusXM. Stay tuned for more!