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Tips on Internship Applications: How to Properly Apply and Where to Look

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Courtesy of Better Team

There is always a question people ask me about my internships: how did you get your internship?

That is a question I am sure crosses many student’s minds as they realize they need an internship in order to further their careers. I believe everyone has their own way of getting internships and applying for them but these are my tips on how I did it. I truly think many of the incredible internship opportunities I have received are out of sheer luck meets preparation. Below are my tips on how to apply for internships!

  1. Make a List of Dream Companies: Many times professors may tell students to not aim too high for their first set of internships but I say it is important to make a list of the dream companies you want to intern for throughout your college years. You may not get these internships right away having these goals makes it easier for you to know what type of internships will get you to your dream company one day. For example, I always wanted to intern at Viacom, I applied multiple times before I ever got a chance from them. I always had them on my list of top 5 companies to intern for and every internship I got before it I realized I was getting closer and closer. Follow these companies on social media, follow what they are doing!
  2. Connect, Connect, Connect!: There is a saying that most of the times it’s all about who you know and that is extremely accurate to the world of entertainment. It is important for you to understand you might be extremely qualified for an internship but someone who knew someone who knew someone at a company can get a chance because they talked to the right person who then sent their resume along to HR. LinkedIn is a great tool to contact internship recruiters directly and get to know who your family members, classmates may know at your dream companies. Getting your resume referred to by someone within that dream company can make a huge difference on whether or not you get an interview.
  3. Look Up Listings:  Websites such as, and will have an updated list of internships coming up. Making sure to filter exactly the type of companies you want to intern at will be crucial. For example, if you want to intern at a media company such as NBC, filters will let you get listings of internships at the company and other similar companies. LinkedIn has a jobs search section where you can also look up internship listings at entertainment companies and in your section of the country. Many of them will even have the recruiter’s name in the listing! When using job search companies like Indeed, always make sure to cross check that the internship listing is real. Do research on the company in the listing and whether or not it is accurate to what was on Indeed.
  4. Have a Star Resume: In order to get an internship interview you need to make sure your resume is star ready! Get your resume checked by your school student development center, a professor or a professional who can help you make your resume as optimal as possible. If you get referred by someone, they are directly sending your resume to a recruiter so there is no space for errors on your resume. Always have an updated resume in your email because you may never know when you will stumble upon someone who can help you get an internship and asks for your resume at that very moment.
  5. Get Ahead of the Application Game: A recruiter once told me that they always take a look at the first 100 resumes they get and last 100 resumes if they haven’t gotten the perfect fit. This is why you need to get notifications sent to your phone whenever an internship close to your experience is put out. It is ideal to apply for an internship the first day it is put online, which is your need to have your resume ready at all times! If you have anyone who works at the company you applied for, make sure to tell them about it and send them your resume so they can forward it to the correct recruiter.
  6. Be Optimistic: It is sometimes very discouraging to apply for a handful of internships and never hear back from them but always stay positive because something will always work out in the end. Never give up that dream of working at one of the largest media companies in the world. Every internship you get will eventually lead you to that dream internship and eventually job.

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