How To's

6 Ways to Accomplish Turning an Internship Into a Job Before Graduation

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Turning an internship into a job is a hard feat but not impossible. Below are 6 ways you can turn an internship into a job!

  1. Connect, connect with your supervisors and other departments
  2. Be social with the Human Resources department
  3. Keep up to date with job postings at your internship
  4. Always be on top of your intern work because you never know when they’re evaluating you
  5. Make yourself the go to person for your department so they will want to never lose you after your internship ends
  6. Start and end your internship in a positive and happy way!

It is important that as an intern you build friendships that will last a life time and making sure to keep in constant contact with your intern supervisors will surely end up taking you to your dream job!


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