My Journey as an Entertainment Intern: Part 2

Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 12.38.32 AM

My first few weeks at BET Networks as a Corporate Communications intern was extremely scary but also interesting. I was being guided by another intern who had been there the semester prior, so she knew the ropes and was teaching me her ways. I was always on the lookout to learn something new and impress my team at BET.

I had a good amount of experience writing press releases from school and other internships but I knew at BET I would be able to polish up my writing and be able to have specific writing samples for my portfolio in the field I wanted a job in, entertainment. It was clear my team started me off with light work as I got used to their system of writing and was guided a lot by my fellow intern. As the weeks went by I was given heavier tasks and I felt as though they saw potential in me.

Sometime at the end of February, I was asked by one of my supervisors to work alongside her for the BET Black Girls Rock! Award Show as Press Logistics Manager. She had seen my enthusiasm from the start and wanted to give me enough responsibility that I would learn something completely new to me which was event management. I had always dreamed about working an award show but I had never realized I would one day be in charge of press for one as an intern! Throughout the month of March I learned the most I have ever learned about entertainment and press logistics. I learned about tip sheets, how to work with media contacts and how to write press releases for big named people. Entertainment PR folks are instrumental to how we view an award show, an album or a TV show and being a part of the publicity process was unlike any other intern experience.

I had the honor of working a press tour with the Black Girls Rock! Host Tracee Ellis Ross aka Bow from black-ish, which is my favorite show of 2017! That was the first time I had ever worked with a celebrity and witnessing first hand what goes on behind the scenes of the interviews, how we plug in the award show to her interviews sand how to navigate NYC via subway on your own! Working my first red carpet was extremely rewarding but also a stressful set of months. I was tasked with things that I had never done before but I learned so much.

I stayed on as a BET intern for the summer of 2016 and had the pleasure of flying out to Los Angeles for BET Awards. I had never traveled to another state for an event so this was new. I was assisting the press logistics manager for BET Awards and got to travel throughout LA to places I had known celebrities to be at all of the time.


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