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How to Optimize Your Resume for Entertainment/Media Companies

Courtesy of Fast Web

According to Mashable, “a whopping 72% of resumes are never seen by human eyes”. That is a huge problem to job and internship seekers because that makes their resume more than likely to be ignored by the tracking systems companies use.

Below are some ways to help optimize your resume for entertainment and media companies in order to get your resume seen by a human!

    1. Incorporate Words from the Job Description: This is a tactic that I have used multiple times. Make sure to use buzzwords in your resume that you see being repeated multiple times on a job listing. For example, if the job or internship you’re applying for has specific words/adjectives like: monitor, track, maintain, assist you should include these words in your resume in order for the tracking system to pass your resume along to an actual person.
    2. Friendly Fonts: Make sure your resume has fonts that are easy to read. Many application sites take your resume and use it to directly apply for the job by using the words on the resume; Making sure you use readable fonts such as Arial, Georgia, Calibri is important to have your resume be seen.
    3. No Useless Information: There is only one page for an acceptable resume and you can’t go over one page in order to fill the page with things not relevant to your field. For example, for an entertainment job it is important to include information that can easily translate into what a job in entertainment entails. School clubs can be incorporated to make your resume well rounded but a list of courses that have nothing to do with your field is irrelevant and a waste of space.
    4. Include Volunteer Work: When I lead a group of red carpet escorts I encouraged them to include their time and experience as red carpet escorts into their resume if they wish to work in entertainment. This type of work would be considered “volunteer” and looks great on a resume for a entertainment job because it shows the person has been exposed to the field in more than one way. Make sure to include the name of companies you have done volunteer work for!
    5. Vamp Up the Skills Section: Jobs and internships are looking for the perfect candidate that has all the right skills and more. For example, jobs and internships in entertainment many times want someone who knows how to use media software such as Cision and Critical Mention. Obviously, if you do not know how to use these sites do not put them in your resume but if and when you do know make sure to add them to your resume. A job or internship in production might require more technical and visual skills.

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