Thaddeus Danquah, WPUNJ ’16

Thaddeus Danquah graduated William Paterson University in 2016, majoring in Broadcast Journalism. He is a current Production Intern at The View for ABC and has formerly interned at WABC in New York City. Danquah gives his first hand account as an entertainment intern and tips for readers on how to get involved during and after college ends.

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How do you believe your time at William Paterson prepared you for your post graduate life? 

Being at William Paterson allowed me to explore different mediums (radio, television, and print) and figure out which one was best for me. Also, having Professors who have been in the same place that I am now and hearing their stories about starting their careers, made me aware of how difficult it can be after college. But they also reinforced the importance of doing what you love and staying driven to do it well.


What clubs or activities were you involved in at William Paterson and how do you believe they have helped you so far?

As an undergraduate I was involved in WPTV-6, and WPSC 88.7, which allowed me to get more hands-on experience in television and radio than I would from my courses and helped prepare me for working in a real production setting. I was also involved in SAPB (Student Activity Programming Board) and was a Writer for The Beacon. Being in SAPB helped me enhance my organization and communication skills, and writing for The Beacon improved my writing and made me better on working on a deadline.


You currently intern at The View, how was the process of getting this internship? Many undergrads might not know some companies accept post grads for internships. What advice do you have for undergrads who are hesitant to apply for internships after graduation?

I had finished interning at WABC-TV on a show called Here and Now and I was applying to different positions at various companies. After some time, a member of the production team at The View reached out to schedule an interview. We met the next day and a few weeks later I landed the internship.

I think recent graduates shouldn’t close themselves off to applying for internships. Just because it isn’t a full-time job, you never know where it can lead or the connections you can make. Plus, it’s rare whenever there are internships open for recent graduates. So if the opportunity is there, go for it.


What is your favorite part of your current internship? What is your day to day at The View?

My favorite part about this internship is asking questions and listening to the stories of these veteran media professionals.

My daily schedule varies. Some days I work with the media coordinators pulling clips for the show, or observing/standing in for rehearsals on set. Other days I’m observing from the control room, or assisting a producer with guest teases before their segment. It varies day to day.


Where have you interned so far other than The View and how have those internships helped you in your career?

Prior to interning at The View, I was an intern at WABC-TV on a show called Here and Now and WDHA FM/WMTR AM in New Jersey. Being at Here and Now gave me the experience of working on a network program and learning all the different aspects that go into making the show move smoothly. Interning at WDHA FM/WMTR AM showed me that working in media takes effort and skill and isn’t glamorous.


What is your ultimate goal career wise? What is your dream job and how will you go about reaching that dream job?

My ultimate goal is to have my own production company and create. My dream job is having my own production company. I don’t know exactly how I’ll get there, but seeing people like Issa Rae having their own businesses and thriving makes me optimistic.


What advice do you have for graduating seniors about post graduate life and the “real world”?

I think you should keep yourself busy. Whether it’s working, grad school, interning, or even volunteering, just don’t become stagnant.


What are your plans after this internship ends?

I’m planning to be employed after my internship, hopefully. Only time will tell.


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