My Journey as an Entertainment Intern: Part 1

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This blog is a hub for entertainment lovers to check out for tips and tricks on how to navigate the crazy working world in entertainment. Many people believe the industry is glamorous and bumping shoulders with A-list celebrities and entertainers. Having interned in the entertainment industry exclusively for over a year now, I can say with certainty it’s not what it seems, at all.

My first foray in the entertainment industry was a Corporate Communications internship at Viacom for BET Networks in the Spring semester of 2016. The process of getting the internship was both long and complicated but in the end rewarding. I applied to the internship program at Viacom through their career site in November of 2015. At the time I was a Public Relations and Marketing Intern at an infomercial company, Tristar Products. I knew I wanted to finally fully pursue my career in entertainment and decided to apply to Viacom, like I had done many times. For the first time, I actually got noticed by the company behind MTV and Nickelodeon. When I got the email from a College Relations recruiter a Viacom I was shocked because I never knew I would actually get a chance to join the Viacom team.

My first interview for the internship program with the recruiter was straight forward. Like most internship recruiters, that recruiter went point by point through my resume and questioned me on my current and former experience as an intern, my skills and extracurricular activities. Before the interview ended, she told me there was an opening at BET Networks in their Corporate Communications department and she gave me the task of emailing my soon to be supervisors about an interview for the internship. I was extremely nervous to contact them because I had never spoken to anyone who directly worked in the industry. My recruiter gave me all the information I needed to know about the role, the specific department and what was expected of me for an interview. I had to contact the team to schedule an interview. I emailed them and did not hear back for almost a month. At one point, I believed my chances has disappeared but finally by December I was getting ready for a phone interview with my future supervisors. I prepared as much as I could for the interview but I just did not know what to expect since I had never interviewed at an entertainment company before. I made usre to do my homework on the BET Network shows, stories about their executives and the history of the company.

The two supervisors I interviewed with were personable on the phone and asked a lot of interesting questions about my experience and why I wanted to work in entertainment. They asked a lot about my school activities and my prior internship experience and how it tied to their company. This is why being involved on campus is so crucial! My interview was about 6 minutes and I was disappointed because I believed I hadn’t given them everything I had. At one point I believed I had completely lost the internship. But a few days later I got an official email with an offer from the team asking me to be their Corporate Communications Intern! I felt as though all of my hard work had paid off and I was finally being given a chance to be a part of the industry I had always wanted to be in.

The best time of my college career was being an intern at BET Networks. I met the most incredible friends and got to know an incredible team at BET that I still am in constant communication with. I never knew this opportunity would have opened so many doors as it did. This series, My Journey as an Entertainment Intern will feature 4 parts, which will highlight my extensive time as a Corporate Communications Intern at BET Networks and my time as a current Public Relations Intern at SiriusXM. Stay tuned for more!


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