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Entertainment Listings 101, April 30

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Fader, Intern, New York

NBC Universal, Cable Entertainment Fall 2017 Internship, New York

Summer 2017 Intern, Warner Music Group, New York

Summer Internship 2017, PR and Research, New York


Nicole Darrah, WPUNJ 2016

Nicole Darrah graduated William Paterson in 2016, majoring in Broadcast Journalism. She currently works as a Ticker Writer and Breaking News Producer at Fox News and has interned at large media companies such as VH1 and ABC. Darrah tells reader her experience as an intern and advice on keeping your dream alive in the entertainment industry.


How do you believe your time at William Paterson prepared you for your post graduate life?

Looking back as a communication student at WPUNJ, I realize I learned a lot that prepared me for post-grad life. The professors were knowledgeable and the classes were information and relevant to my daily news life.

What clubs or activities were you involved in at William Paterson and how do you believe they have helped you so far?

As a student I wrote briefly for the Pioneer Times and worked in the WPTV studios as part of my classwork. By far, my time in broadcast news classes were the most beneficial as I now write news professionally each day.

You currently work at Fox News, how was the process of getting this job? What advice do you have for undergrads who are in the process of applying for jobs?

Fox is great when it comes to hiring young, talented people – most of the people I work with are millennials. The job application process was simple enough: I applied online to production assistant positions, heard back from a recruiter who gave me a list of jobs I was eligible to interview for (that weren’t PA positions) and then interviewed from there.

Advice for undergrads: Apply everywhere, even if you’re not sure it’s something you want to do. I didn’t necessarily want to be a production assistant, as I’m more interested in the editorial side rather than production aspect of news – but as you can see, I was presented with the opportunity to write after Fox reached out to me and we discussed what I wanted to do. You never know what can happen after submitting an application, so I highly suggest applying every place possible.

Where have you interned and how have those internships helped you in your career?

During college I interned with VH1 at Viacom, as well as 7 On Your Side at WABC-TV. My time at VH1 was helpful because I learned a lot about the use of social media in a professional environment and I’ve definitely used that experience as a stepping stone in this digital age. But it was my time spent at Channel 7 that really opened my eyes to the industry: I worked in a newsroom, sat in on daily news meetings and ultimately worked hands-on both in and out of the field. These internships allowed me to briefly step out into the “real world” while still working as a student.

What is your ultimate goal career wise? What is your dream job and how will you go about reaching that dream job?

Before and during college, I always thought my dream was to work on-air as a correspondent or local reporter. But now working in the industry for the past 8 or so months, I believe I’ve lost sight (for lack of a better term) of that goal and now see paths leading in other directions, which I don’t see as a bad thing. I was recently offered a job as a breaking news producer with – not on-air, nor with “television news,” per se. I think I still have the goal of working on-air as a journalist but where my career may take me, no one knows.

What advice do you have for graduating seniors about post graduate life and the “real world”?

Like I said before, if you’re graduating college – apply EVERYWHERE. It’s so important to get your name and your resume out there and to let a variety of companies know that you’re available. The “real world” isn’t glamorous (but once you get a job, it does come with a nice paycheck!), and you shouldn’t fantasize it to be. My most important piece of advice would be to not give up hope if you’re facing obstacles and find walls are blocking your path to finding a job. It took me 4 months from graduation to joining Fox News, while some of my friends were offered jobs before even graduating – but next week I’ll be working as a news producer in one of the largest media organizations in the world, so I’d say working hard and remaining hopeful worked out for me in the end!


Bonnie, SiriusXM Internship Recruiter

Bonnie is an internship recruiter at SiriusXM, she is in charge of the internship program at SiriusXM, she has asked for her last name to not be featured in this article. Bonnie gives prospective interns a look into the program she oversees and what exactly they look for in an intern!

How many applications do you receive a semester for the internship program? How competitive is the internship program at SiriusXM?

An estimated 4000-5000 applications are received in a recruiting session.  

What sets the SiriusXM internship program apart from other entertainment related internship programs?

SiriusXM mentors offer hands on learning experience, allowing the intern to leave with skills they can apply and add on to their resume.  Interns are also made feel they are part of the team, and are provided snack and learn session to hear from other company members, a one-on-one evaluation meeting and career tips.  

What is the typical process that a candidate goes through before getting an internship offer at SiriusXM? How involved are the departments you are recruiting for?

Interns are screened and interviewed like employees.  We take the selection process seriously.  Departments such as programming (talk, music and sports, Public Relations, Talent Relations, Information Technology, Engineering, Finance & Accounting, Sales & Marketing are recruited for.  

How does the SiriusXM internship program help seniors in college prepare for the working world? Is there anything in particular the program does to help seniors get jobs within SiriusXM?

SiriusXM’s internship program prepares our interns by the following:

  1. Providing hands on training and meaningful work and projects to each intern
  2. One-on-One counseling/ evaluation
  3. Career workshops to help our interns transition to full time or part time employees, and also placement if the opportunity is available.  

What advice do you have to a future applicant who may be scared to apply to SiriusXM because of the fact SiriusXM is a very well-known media company?

An internship is a great way to start your career and explore your options.  Nothing to be afraid of when there is so much you could gain!  

In your opinion, what sets apart candidates that end up getting an internship position at SiriusXM? Is it related to their school work, internship experience?

Previous and related experience is helpful of course.  For example, a previous internship, involvement in their school clubs or radio station.  

How To's

How to Craft a Professional Email for Networking


Courtesy of LinkedIn

Networking has become a very useful tool to get jobs and internships. As stated in my “How to Use LinkedIn As A Networking Tool” post, connecting with recruiters and colleagues is a great way to build your network. Knowing what exactly to write to them is also a crucial part of the networking process.

Hubspot created a step by step framework to increase your chances of success in networking. The five steps are: Research, Warm Up, Connect, Ask, Follow Up.

It is important to note that these steps are designed to “maximize chances of establishing a valuable relationship; it is not designed to mass cold email hundreds of people”. Networking emails should always be personal to the person you are trying to connect with.

First step is to research anything you can about the person you are trying to network with. Finding out where they work, their professional pages and email is just the beginning. Once you connect with them it’s important to find a personal connection with them, maybe something you learned about them from their LinkedIn or the company social media pages. Connecting with them is in my opinion the hardest part of the networking game. You need to make sure you are being personable to them, giving them a reason to want to speak to you. One important thing the Hubspot writers tates is, when trying to create a meaningful connection with them, don’t ask for any favors!

The ask and follow up stages are where you can begin to ask about certain opportunities you are interested in and following up on your conversations is important in order to keep your name fresh in their mind.

The actual structure of the email is a pretty straight forward, below is an example of what a professional email or LinkedIn message for networking can look like.

Hi Jill!

Thank you so much for accepting my invitation on LinkedIn!

Would love to know if we could chat some time about your experience at Revolution Public Relations and any advice you might have for me as a soon to be graduate in the real world. I’m graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations and have been researching the various PR firms to apply to.

I currently intern at SiriusXM in their PR department and am looking at various places to apply for full time positions. Let me know if you would like to speak or grab coffee sometime to discuss.


Victoria Saavedra

How To's

Tips on How to Make Your Portfolio Stand Out in the Entertainment/Media Industry

It is always nerve wrecking to go in for a second interview at a company you really want to work at. Most undergrads know it is important to have a top shape resume, references and cover letters but what seems to be missing? A star portfolio! It is very time consuming to make a portfolio worthy of bringing to an interview but it is what could set you apart from other candidates. Many students seem to forget that although the internet has indeed taken over many aspects of the job search, bringing something physical and malleable to an interview should be expected.

As an Elite Daily writer states, she didn’t feel as though her resume full reflected the full scope of what she was capable of. That is something I can relate to with my vast amount of experience. It is necessary to show proof and have visuals to back up the claims in a resume.

As my professor once said to my class, portfolio’s can separate you positively from other contenders who have the same basic qualifications. Having visuals at an in person interview can truly be the determining factor between getting the job or not. The ideal portfolio will contain works that prove your strong background in whichever field in entertainment you wish to pursue a career in.

Below are the must have items for a successful portfolio:

  1. Most Updated Resume: Make sure to always carry your most recent resume in your portfolio since they might refer to your resume throughout the interview
  2. Cover Letter: If you are interviewing for a specific job, always bring with you a cover letter that is suited for the job you are interviewing for. They might not read it but will be impressed you have it with you!
  3. Writing Samples: Samples of your writing is where you can most shine in an interview. Your portfolio should have contain your strongest work such as press release samples, script samples, social media posts and more. By having the samples, you can have something physical to refer to in your interview.
  4. Analytics: If you are interested in jobs more on the analytical side such as social media, make sure to have a section with analytics related to blogs or social media pages you have worked on throughout your college career in internships or personal pages. Strong analytics can mean a lot for someone who is interviewing in a more business oriented sector of entertainment where numbers mean a lot.
  5. Recommendation Letters: Many times students think recommendation letters were a thing of the past, just used to get into colleges but they are important to get jobs as well. Recommendation letters written by former or current internship or work supervisors and professors contain information as to why they believe you would be qualified for any job in your field. They are vouching for you and that is a strong feat!

My Journey as an Entertainment Intern: Part 2

Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 12.38.32 AM

My first few weeks at BET Networks as a Corporate Communications intern was extremely scary but also interesting. I was being guided by another intern who had been there the semester prior, so she knew the ropes and was teaching me her ways. I was always on the lookout to learn something new and impress my team at BET.

I had a good amount of experience writing press releases from school and other internships but I knew at BET I would be able to polish up my writing and be able to have specific writing samples for my portfolio in the field I wanted a job in, entertainment. It was clear my team started me off with light work as I got used to their system of writing and was guided a lot by my fellow intern. As the weeks went by I was given heavier tasks and I felt as though they saw potential in me.

Sometime at the end of February, I was asked by one of my supervisors to work alongside her for the BET Black Girls Rock! Award Show as Press Logistics Manager. She had seen my enthusiasm from the start and wanted to give me enough responsibility that I would learn something completely new to me which was event management. I had always dreamed about working an award show but I had never realized I would one day be in charge of press for one as an intern! Throughout the month of March I learned the most I have ever learned about entertainment and press logistics. I learned about tip sheets, how to work with media contacts and how to write press releases for big named people. Entertainment PR folks are instrumental to how we view an award show, an album or a TV show and being a part of the publicity process was unlike any other intern experience.

I had the honor of working a press tour with the Black Girls Rock! Host Tracee Ellis Ross aka Bow from black-ish, which is my favorite show of 2017! That was the first time I had ever worked with a celebrity and witnessing first hand what goes on behind the scenes of the interviews, how we plug in the award show to her interviews sand how to navigate NYC via subway on your own! Working my first red carpet was extremely rewarding but also a stressful set of months. I was tasked with things that I had never done before but I learned so much.

I stayed on as a BET intern for the summer of 2016 and had the pleasure of flying out to Los Angeles for BET Awards. I had never traveled to another state for an event so this was new. I was assisting the press logistics manager for BET Awards and got to travel throughout LA to places I had known celebrities to be at all of the time.

How To's

How to Optimize Your Resume for Entertainment/Media Companies

Courtesy of Fast Web

According to Mashable, “a whopping 72% of resumes are never seen by human eyes”. That is a huge problem to job and internship seekers because that makes their resume more than likely to be ignored by the tracking systems companies use.

Below are some ways to help optimize your resume for entertainment and media companies in order to get your resume seen by a human!

    1. Incorporate Words from the Job Description: This is a tactic that I have used multiple times. Make sure to use buzzwords in your resume that you see being repeated multiple times on a job listing. For example, if the job or internship you’re applying for has specific words/adjectives like: monitor, track, maintain, assist you should include these words in your resume in order for the tracking system to pass your resume along to an actual person.
    2. Friendly Fonts: Make sure your resume has fonts that are easy to read. Many application sites take your resume and use it to directly apply for the job by using the words on the resume; Making sure you use readable fonts such as Arial, Georgia, Calibri is important to have your resume be seen.
    3. No Useless Information: There is only one page for an acceptable resume and you can’t go over one page in order to fill the page with things not relevant to your field. For example, for an entertainment job it is important to include information that can easily translate into what a job in entertainment entails. School clubs can be incorporated to make your resume well rounded but a list of courses that have nothing to do with your field is irrelevant and a waste of space.
    4. Include Volunteer Work: When I lead a group of red carpet escorts I encouraged them to include their time and experience as red carpet escorts into their resume if they wish to work in entertainment. This type of work would be considered “volunteer” and looks great on a resume for a entertainment job because it shows the person has been exposed to the field in more than one way. Make sure to include the name of companies you have done volunteer work for!
    5. Vamp Up the Skills Section: Jobs and internships are looking for the perfect candidate that has all the right skills and more. For example, jobs and internships in entertainment many times want someone who knows how to use media software such as Cision and Critical Mention. Obviously, if you do not know how to use these sites do not put them in your resume but if and when you do know make sure to add them to your resume. A job or internship in production might require more technical and visual skills.